Taiwan ICDF International Scholarships 2021/2022

Taiwan ICDF International Scholarships
Taiwan ICDF International Scholarships

2021 TaiwanICDF (International Cooperation and Development Fund) Scholarship

  • Preface:

To encourage outstanding international students to undertake degree studies

 (Undergraduate, Master or PhD. Programs) in Taiwan, TaiwanICDF offers the International Higher Education Scholarship Program.

  • Application period: January 1 to 15 March 2021

  • Scholarship Benefits:

Scholarship recipients will be given a monthly allowance of NT$12,000 (US$420) for the Undergraduate program, NT$15,000 (US$526) for Master’s program and NT$17,000 (US$596) for Ph. D. program for food and miscellaneous living expenses. Recipients must reside in student dormitories. TaiwanICDF will cover tuitions fees, Textbooks (required by instructors and approved by the director of the student’s institute), credits fees (vary with the number of credits registered), insurance fees for the accident and medical coverage and one-way, economy-class plane tickets for direct flights to and from Taiwan.

  • Duration of Scholarship: The award period for each program is as follows:

  1. Undergraduate program: four years maximum.

  2. Master’s program: two years maximum. (The applicants who would like to major in ICT, Healthcare, Agriculture, Blue Economy, Security are preferable)

  3. D. program: four years maximum.

  • Eligibility: An applicant must meet all of the following criteria:

  1. Must be Somaliland citizen.

  2. Is a high school graduate or above with an excellent academic record, of good moral character and has no criminal record.

  3. Satisfy the admission requirements of the partner university to which he or she has applied to study under TaiwanICDF scholarship.

  4. Meet the Regulations Governing Resident Visa, and an Aliens Resident Certificate set by ROC (Taiwan) Government.

  5. Not hold any other ROC(Taiwan) government-sponsored scholarship in the same academic year in which the TaiwanICDF scholarship would be due to commerce.

  6. Is not an exchange student through any cooperation agreement between a foreign university/college and an educational institute in Taiwan while receiving the scholarship.

  7. Has not previously had a Scholarship revoked by an ROC government agency or other relevant institution, nor been expelled from any Taiwan university.

  • Checklist: The following documents are required before the application can be


  1. A photocopy of applicant’s passport or other document showing proof of nationality.

  2. A photocopy of applicant’s highest-level diploma and academic transcripts.

  3. A photocopy of applicant’s English proficiency certificate. (This means a TOEFL test score or that of another recognized English proficiency exam, or documents certifying that the applicant has graduated from a program where all courses were taught in English).

  4. Two letters of reference.

  5. Documents required by the TaiwanICDF partner university that they are applying to before the admissions deadline of that university.

The application package should be delivered to the Ministry of Education and Science, Somaliland (Receiver: Mr Mohamed Jama Robleh, Director of universities; Email:directorhei@hotmail.com)

  • Application Procedure (Global Competition):

  1. Complete the TaiwanICDF International Higher Education Scholarship Program Online Application: http://web.icdf.org.tw/ICDF_TSP/WelcomeStart.aspx

  2. Submit the required documents to the Ministry of Education and Science, Republic of Somaliland (Receiver: Mr. Mohamed Jama Robleh, Director of univerities; Email:directorhei@hotmail.com). Applicants must ensure that they submit accurate and complete documentation; failure to do so will result in the application not being processed. Please also note: Late submissions will not be accepted and/or processed.

  3. Submit all documents required by the TaiwanICDF partner university that they are applying to before the admission deadline of that university. For detailed information on such documents, please refer to: Study Programs Available for TaiwanICDF Scholarship Application at Partner Universities and the related websites of each study program for further admission information. More information about each of the programs offered in 2021 will be available later. It was suggested to refer to the individual websites of the programs in 2020 at the moment.

  • Please note:

  1. The applicants need to get the admission first and then qualified to be awarded the scholarship under the principle of Global Competition.

  2. The applicants can’t double apply another scholarship like Taiwan Scholarship.

For more information, please visit TaiwanICDF International Higher Education Scholarship Program

Contact person: Abdirahman Omar

Email: taiwaninsomaliland@gmail.com

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