Taiwan envoy attends Somaliland National Climate Change Policy

Taiwan Representative to Somaliland Allen C. Lou attends the Launch Ceremony of “Somaliland National Climate Change Policy
Taiwan Representative to Somaliland Allen C. Lou attends the Launch Ceremony of “Somaliland National Climate Change Policy

Taiwan Representative to Somaliland Allen C. Lou attends the Launch Ceremony of “Somaliland National Climate Change Policy” in Hargeisa.

The following Remarks by Ambassador Allen Chenhwa Lou on Somaliland National Climate Change Policy.

It is my pleasure to join today’s launching ceremony of the Somaliland National Climate Change Policy, which sets the tone for Somaliland’s next joint Climate Action. The moves to combat climate challenges is in line with Somaliland’s National Development Phase III, which highlights marine reserves, food reserves, wildlife protection, disaster preparedness and response, and community awareness campaigns. Congratulations for your efforts and achievements. Hambalyo, Hambalyo, Hambalyo.

Climate change is an issue that involves the whole world, an issue of no boundary. Therefore, Taiwan has been proactively tackling climate challenges in their wake, alongside other international partners toward the common goal of net-zero emissions. Taiwan is setting an ambitious 2050 net-zero target and complying with international norms under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

Climate change is actually an integral part of many of our ongoing and upcoming cooperations in Somaliland.

In terms of food security,

  • Taiwan provides humanitarian assistance annually and Internally Displaced People (IDPs) this year.
  • Taiwan Technical Mission also has agricultural experts stationed in Somaliland to administer the demonstration farm, share agricultural knowledge with local farmers through seminars and banners, and help farms grow sweet corn, sweet potatoes, dragon fruit, and eggplants using quality seeds from Taiwan. If you find locally-grown sweet potatoes and sweet corns in stores from time to time, they could be traced to our agricultural project. This shows the projects are bearing fruits.

In terms of exploring the marine reserves,  there are start-up workshops for Fisheries Livelihood Support Project in Berbera, fully funded by World Vision Taiwan and managed by World Vision Somaliland. The project provides Berbera fishermen with fishing boats, cold chain logistics, fishing and preservation techniques to enhance small-scale fisheries, contributes to ecological sustainability, and improve the livelihood of fishing community. This is another people-centric example of Taiwan-Model Cooperation.

In terms of biodiversity,

  • Taiwan’s Ministry of Agriculture  to fund Cheetah Conservation Fund to ensure the biodiversity and to help the wild survive.
  • TaiwanICDF also dispatched volunteers to Somaliland to work with CCF.
  • We believe that environment protection of both animals and landscape would enhance Somaliland’s climate resilience, which would in turn lays a solid foundation for the future development of eco-tourism.

In terms of Emergency Response, TaiwanICDF and Ministry of Health Development had signed Implementing Arrangement for “Public Health Emergency Response System Enhancement Project” so that Taiwan could channel the top tier medical capacity into Somaliland.

For investment in green energy, the newly launched Taiwan Business Association in Somaliland (TBAIS) could be the ideal platform for sharing potential business opportunities and for catalyzing business cooperation in energy and other sectors.

In terms of capacity building for the cultivation of climate resilience,  Taiwan Scholarship, Taiwan Fellowship and professional workshops held in Taiwan are provided. The application guideline for TaiwanICDF scholarship is already published on our Facebook and Twitter page, and all are welcome to apply for it.

It was delighted to arrange the meeting between  Honorable Minister Shukri and Taiwan’s Minister of Environment Shieu Fu-Sheng (薛富盛) to discuss many aspects of climate change issues in UNFCCC COP28 UAE.  Minister Shieu had extended the invitation to Minister Shukri to visit Taiwan next year, so we could navigate the path for further cooperation.

Climate change is a global issue that need to tackle together. I look forward to setting a new Climate Action Model in Somaliland and in the horn of Africa. Together, we could do more and achieve more.

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