Tribute to the late Ibrahim Hashi Jama Founder of


BY: Abdirahman Abdullahi Jibril (Awliyo

Although we all know that life is temporary, at the same time death is inevitable and cannot be delayed. I personally feel great sorrow when I heard the passing of Ibrahim Hashi Jama.

Mr. Ibrahim Hashi, who founded website, died at his home in the UK (Manchester) on Monday 27 March 2023. Ibrahim was not only the founder of the website, but he was also the editor of the website where he compiled the constitution and the laws of Somaliland and updated them regularly. Ibrahim had high knowledge in the field of law which he achieved as a barrister and gained LL.B and LL.M degrees.

He devoted a lot of his time and resources to translate the Somaliland constitution and laws into English. He also wrote extensively about the constitution and laws of Somaliland, which really made it possible for foreign institutions and other individuals to understand Somaliland’s constitutions and its laws through his website.  He contributed greatly and presented the laws and constitution of Somaliland in other publications. We can say that Ibrahim Hashi was the person who introduced our constitution to the rest of the world.

His contribution was not limited to; many times I have been in contact with Ibrahim he shared his views about Somaliland. He was someone who always wants Somaliland to be a country that operates under the rule of law. In order to ensure that Somaliland operates in a legal system, he has been contributing consistently and giving advice and consultation to the relevant institutions and individuals in the country and abroad.

This short note only concerns the short period of time that Ibrahim and I have known each other, which is estimated to be no more than 15 years. Therefore, this tribute does not provide enough details about his biography such as his high school education in Sheikh, his studies in Universities abroad and also the work experience he went through in his life whilst working.

Since I have known him, he has been a person who tirelessly shared his knowledge and expertise in the field of law with his people and institutions in Somaliland. He was a good example and role model for many of the Somaliland Diaspora. He also spent a lot of his time with Somaliland Diaspora organizations aimed at advocating for Somaliland to receive the recognition it deserves from the international community.

As one of Ibrahim’s friend shared with me Somaliland Diaspora Organizations to which he contributed a lot to include Somaliland Forum, SSE (Somaliland Society in Europe) and other Diaspora organizations. I personally remember how Ibrahim contributed to the articles and memorandums produced by the SSE umbrella, which were aimed at promoting the existence and the development of Somaliland.

I can say that I was lucky that I had the opportunity to work with Ibrahim Hashi together with other Somaliland activists to promote Somaliland’s right to be recognized by the international community. I believe I learned a lot from his talent, knowledge and his skills to work with different teams of people regardless of their background.

Ibrahim was a person who encouraged many of the Somaliland Diaspora to be aware the importance to make constructive contributions to Somaliland through the use of knowledge, experience and actions.

His commitment towards Somaliland as well as his real patriotism and love for Somaliland will be the things that many Somaliland people will remember Ibrahim for a long time.

I am sure that Ibrahim has left us with an up-to-date information related to the constitution and laws of Somaliland translated into English. It is very useful legacy for the current and future generations. Many of us will remember him for the sacrifice he made for his country. We also remember Ibrahim as a family man, husband, father and grandfather.

Finally I have to say peace be upon him. His departure from life is part of the natural process of life which Alla has created for us all. His death coincided with the blessed month of Ramadan, and we pray to Alla for his mercy.

Abdirahman Abdullahi Jibril (Awliyo)


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