Somalia:Puntland police destroy khat smuggled from Ethiopia

Puntland police destroy khat smuggled from Ethiopia

Police in Somalia’s semi-autonomous region Puntland commercial capital Bosaso Sunday confiscated and destroyed several kilograms of khat following illegal smuggling of the leafy stimulant into the town.

Bari regional commissioner Col. Hussein Ali Mohamud told journalists the consignment was discovered by police following a tip-off from members of the public.

Col. Hussein warned khat traders in the city against smuggling in the product as it violated a government directive banning its import.

A similar operation in Mogadishu late last month led to the destruction of several kilograms of khat which had illegally been imported into the country from Kenya.

While announcing an international flights ban mid last month, the Federal Government added khat to the list of items prohibited in the country to curb the possible import of COVID-19 from countries of origin.
Most of the khat consumed in Somalia originate from Kenya and Ethiopia.

The Federal Government of Somalia extended the international flights ban on March 28 and grounded all local passenger flights in response to the COVID19 spread. Somalia has so far recorded seven cases of the deadly global pandemic.


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