Somalia:Parliamentary Secretary Nullifies Impeachment Motion Against President Farmajo


In a letter to the Speaker of the Somali Federal Parliament, Abdulkarim Buh,the Parliamentary Secretary, stated that the impeachment motion against the Somali President failed to meet the requirement that least 92 MPs can ask the Parliament to consider impeachment motion.

” Only 78 MPs have  submitted the impeachment motion” wrote Mr Buh, who implied that names of 14 MPs have been forged.
Some MPs whose names were included in the impeachment motion have held a press conference in Mogadishu to distance themselves from the motion, which alleged.

Among other issues, that the Somali President is “uniting Somalia with Ethiopia.”

This latest development   weakens the powers of the Speaker of the Parliament whom his first and second deputy Speakers described his decision to consider the impeachment motion as tantamount to acting on a whim.

In a statement for the media Mahad Awad, the Second deputy Speaker of the Somali Federal Parliament, criticised the Speaker for ignoring parliamentary rules that bar the parliament from considering an impeachment motion in the absence of a constitutional court.

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