Somaliland:Hargeisa regional court sentences a lawyer to three years in prison for corruption


Horndiplomat-Maroodi-jeex Regional court sentenced lawyer Asad Nur Elmi to three years in prison for accepting US$ 900 dollars as bribe from a woman who had been in jail.

The court revoked Asad’s license to practise as a lawyer in courts for five years.

The chairman of Maroodi-jeex Regional court Ahmed Dalmar Ismail said: “Asad has accepted US$ 900 bribe from the victim, whom he had promised to secure her release from prison. The victim was released from the jail without bribe. She came to us to claim she regained her freedom through bribe. After investigation the lawyer in question pleaded guilty for accepting a bribe.”

According to the Somaliland National Corruption Perception Survey in 2013, a high number of the respondents — 76.6% — believed that corruption was pervasive in public institutions.
The chairman of Maroodijeeh regional court reiterated that the court has a zero tolerance policy against corruption in the justice system.

By:Mohamed Duale, Editor-in-Chief, Horn Diplomat

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