A book on clan and nation launched in Sheffield

The Somaliland community in the South Yorkshire city of Sheffield organised an event to launch a book by the essayist  and literary critic Rashid Sheikh Abdullahi.
Written in Somali and entitled Qaran iyo Qabiil ( Nation and Clan) the book discusses the incompatibility of nation and loyalty to the clan. Dr.Jama Muuse Jama, the publisher of the book, dwelt on the significance of a book based on research and written in Somali for Somali readers.
Written in Somali and entitled Qaran iyo Qabiil ( Nation and Clan)
Written in Somali and entitled Qaran iyo Qabiil ( Nation and Clan)
“This book can be incorporated into the national curriculum” Jama said. The author of the book thanked participants who visited him in Sheffield, where he started and finished writing the book.
The veteran former BBC Somali Service  newscaster, Mohamud Sheikh Ahmed Dalmar attended the book-launching even. “I am extremely happy to attend this event” Dalmar said.
It was an event in which participants not only flipped pages of the book in order not to miss pithy speeches but also had the opportunity to ask the author questions. It’s the first book length treatment of a topic Somalis discuss in passing despite hanging on their heads like sword of Damocles.  

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