Puntland state president returns to Garowe After Somalia’s Presidential defeat

Somalia's Puntland state president returns to Garowe After Presidential defeat

By: Zakeriye Ahmed, Horn diplomat correspondent

Somalia’s Puntland state president Said Abdullahi Deni has returned to the state capital Garowe, the  State vice president Ahmed Elmi Osman karash and other state officials have welcomed him at the airport.

President Sa’eed Deni returned to Garowe after his defeat in Somalia’s presidential election on May 15. The president left Garowe on April 20 to run for the presidency of Somalia but he was lost to move final round of the election.

The president arrived in Garowe when there was a political dispute between him and his vice president Ahmed Elmi Osman crash, which broke out after president Sa’eed Deni announced his candidacy for Somalia’s presidential election.

There are concerns about the renewal of tensions between President Sa’eed Abdullahi Deni and Puntland Security Forces commander Brigadier General Mohamud Osman Abdullahi, which started when he was fired as the commander of Puntland security forces but he resisted his sacking. Days after fighting the port city of Bossaso, the president re-appoints Mohamud Osman Abdullahi to return his position.

President Said Deni has many tasks ahead of him, including solving disputes between him and his vice president Ahmed Elmi Osman Karash, inflation in the Puntland region, and finishing the city council election in Puntland, while less than 2 years remaining in his term in office, which will expire 8th of January 2024.

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