SONYO Holds annual Interface meeting between Policy makers and youth

Somaliland:Sonyo host annual Interface meeting between Policy makers and youth
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Somaliland National Youth Organization (SONYO) organized an annual Interface meeting between Policymakers and youth.The meeting aims to initiate discussions on legal frame works that are of benefit to youth in Somaliland.
The participants from government institutions, Universities, Youth entrepreneurs, CSOs, and other stakeholders are attending the event, this interface meeting aims to discuss addressing the legal frameworks that affect youth in Somaliland.
SONYO Umbrella Executive Director, Mr. Abdihamid Omer, has delivered the official opening statement “ Our interface meeting today aims to bring together policymakers and youth to discuss legal frameworks affecting youth in Somaliland if they are existing ones and those needed to be developed. There are notable legal frameworks existing that commend implementation so that youth issues are better addressed. SONYO is always committed to providing a platform for youth to get exposure to the existing policies and bylaws directly attributed to youth welfare. These interface meetings serve as information dissemination platforms for young people to know more about youth affecting legal frameworks.” SONYO ED, Abdihamid

The chairperson of SONYO Mr. Abdi AbdiAziz M.Jama has appreicated the stakeholders to their support on country youth “It was three years ago when relevant actors came together to open discussions on legal frameworks that are of direct contribution to enhancing youth awareness on such policies and bylaws. This interface meeting serves as a continuation of those efforts. We thank Save the Children for being a significant partner for SONYO in raising discussion on youth matters in the light of growing youth population” SONYO chairman
Several government DGs and international staff that attended the interface meeting promised for their ministries and NGOs to support the outcomes of the interface meeting.
 “Youth should be engaged in developing and drafting policies and legal frameworks that involve youth so that they are better positioned to address challenges before youth. MESAF has developed many policies to reduce unemployment rates and create space for youth to excel in job markets. Other inline ministries are doing the same, including; educating the public on the constitution, so that the public is knowledgeable enough on their constitutional rights” Deka Abdi Yusuf, Director general of Ministry of Constitutional Affairs
” priorly, MESAF established youth affecting policies such as national internship policy which helped create more than three thousand internships for youth, and we are currently in the business of developing national disability policy which promotes our disability groups and ensures their inclusion. Moreover, we look forward to organzing community consultations aimed at developing the Bylaw for Labour Organizations in Berbera soon. We remain accountable for our concerned citizens and open to questions from the public so that the ministry’s interventions are challenged” Abdirashed Ibrahim, director general of Ministry of Employment
” As the line ministry for youth, we finalized the national youth strategy which summarises the situation of youth in Somaliland, the challenges they are facing and the ways forward in addressing them. The strategy has 12 areas of priority, among them; the education, employment, security, sports and etc. Policies are put in place to lay out the work needed to be done so that life is made worthyliving and to facilitate work.”Abdirashid Aidid Yasin, Director general of ministry of youth
“Youth concept is often disagreed over and its age limits are often put into question as of where it starts or/and ends. However, the current state affairs of youth are worrying whether it’s their values, patriotism, national contribution, and the willingness to engage with the environment they live in. The responsibility for all pre-mentioned lies over youth and their hustle for change is inevitable. The ministry of education is committed to reforming formal education so that it also includes non-formal educations given the market demands. “ Abdirisak Jama, Director general of ministry of education
“Youth remain to be the most essential social element within our society. They are subject to challenges in relation to unemployment. Save the Children in partnership with SONYO has played an integral role in bridging the unemployment gap by creating opportunities for youth to upskill and attain skills in demand at the market. This interface meeting is essential for educating youth to mainstream and get to know policies that are of benefit for tackling youth obstacles.” Abdilatif mohamed Ismail, Save the Children rep
At the conclusion of the meeting, the panelists have discussed the current legal framework existing and laws, and acts regards its implementation.
“MOYS has succeeded in developing the third national youth strategy with focus on the areas of education, security, sports and etc. The policy reflects the needs of Somaliland youth.”Mustafe Ali MOYS DG of Youth said
” MESAF has devoloped the National Internship Policy which envisions to reduce unemployment rates among the youth. Also, the ministry has also finalized National Job Creation Policy which will also contribute to creating employment opportunities for youth. Moroever, we are in the business of developing other major policies affecting youth such as the Bylaw Labour Organizations and National Disability Policy.” Mohamed Bidde MESAF DG of Employment

” Policies aim to regulate day-to-day activities of the government alongside the constitution, and referred bylaws. As MOPCA, we train and provide consultations to government ministries, and agencies so that developing policies and by laws reflect the constitution ans the needs of affecting populations” Director of Planning of constitutional ministry, Abdirisak Yusuf.
 ” Ministry of Trade & Industries and Tourism is responsible for the promotion of job creation and economic growth by empowering the Somaliland businesses and entrepreneurs with highly targeted Micro-loan programs with focus on youth” Barkhad Abiib DG Planning of Ministry of Trade & Industries and Tourism.
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