Somaliland, Ethio-Somali State discuss cooperation, regional security

By: Staff writers
Somaliland president Muse Bihi Abdi and Ethiopia’s Somali Regional State Mustafe Muhumed discuss regional security and economic integration.
On 27 November, The Somali state delegation was received at the Ethio—Somaliland border Wajaale by senior officials led by Somaliland’s Minister of Interior, Mohamed Kahin Abdi and Minister of Information, Saleban Ali Koore.
In his remarks, Somali regional state President Mustafa Omar said “We are here to talk with the leaders and government of Somaliland on matters relating to the burgeoning relations between the two sides and the cooperation we have started on a number of areas which cover security, the economy, and social interaction among others,” he said, adding that such cooperation blossomed since he took office in 2018.Cutting to the chase, Ethiopia- Somali state President Mustafa touched on the most pressing, most relevant objective behind his visit.
“As Somaliland is a sisterly nation we love, it is imperative that we hold consultations on the shifting dynamics and the impact of new developments in the region in order to avert negative effects and cooperate on how to mutually manage them,” he said.

Meanwhile, Somaliland president Muse Bihi Abdi received the Somali state president Mustafa Muhumed Omer at the presidential palace, The two sides highlighted ways to bolster the long bilateral ties between the two countries.
after the bilateral meeting, the Somaliland minister of Information and Ethio-Somali state minister of public work briefed media the key areas were to discuss the meeting.
“We have had a full discussion on trade, security and the situation in the Horn of Africa. the talks ended in success and consensus, and we have come to a good understanding of the points we have made. ” Somaliland minister of information Saleban Ali Koore said
“The visit of President Mustafe and his delegation focused on security and trade issues.”
Minister of Public Works of the Somali Regional State, Mr Abdirahman Iid Dahir said
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