Ethiopia And Turkey Hold Joint Economic Commission

Ethiopia And Turkey Hold Joint Economic Commission
The 8th Ethiopia-Turkey Joint Economic Commission was held on Thursday in Ankara.
According to Ethiopia state-run Fana, It was conducted under the co-chairmanship of Melaku Alebel, Minister of Trade and Industry of Ethiopia and Suleyman Soylu, Minister of Interior of Turkey.
The JEC reached agreements on trade, investment and related economic issues. Both parties looked about the way to enhance the two counties economic alliance.
Earlier, an Ethiopian delegation led by Melaku held discussion with members of Turkey Business Council (TBC) and Turkish investors who invested in Ethiopia.
In discussion, Melaku responded to questions raised by the participants regarding problems of foreign currency shortage, customs duty, issuance of bank guarantee and peace.
The Turkish investors on the occasion expressed their desire to invest more in Ethiopia, according to the Ministry of Trade and Industry.

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