Dahabshiil donates $800K to combat COVID 19 in Somaliland

Dahabshiil donates $800K to combat COVID 19 in Somaliland

The Dahabshill Group of Companies today announced that it has donated $800,000 Dollars to help the government of Somaliland stem the fast-growing coronavirus pandemic.

Mr. Abdurrahman Ali Abdi, the deputy CEO of Dahabshiil Group of Companies made the announcement of the donation at an event held at the Presidential Palace and attended by the Vice President H.E Abdurrahman Abdallahi Ismail “Saylic” and members of the National Committee on the Preparedness and Prevention of COVID-19.

The Deputy CEO added, “The Dahabshiil group donation includes $600, 000 Dollars’ worth of medical supplies as follows-

  1. COVID-19 laboratory (PCR), which will enhance the country’s diagnosis capability.

  2.  On-Site Oxygen Generators which can supply the national needs.

  3.  ventilation devices and oxygen respirators.

  4. fully equipped Ambulances to be distributed among hospitals in Somaliland.

Dahabshiil donates $800K to combat COVID 19 in Somaliland

Mr. Abdurrahman Ali Abdi further said, “In addition, to medical equipment, we have designated $200, 000 Dollars in cash meant to be distributed either in foodstuffs or cash donations to at least 4,000 needy families. Dahabshiil Group as part of its corporate social responsibility is committed to continuing assisting wherever possible and this will not be the last time.

The Vice President H.E Abdurrahman Abdallah Ismail “Saylic” on his part said, “I want to convey my deepest and most sincere thanks to the Dahabshiil Group for their contribution to this national initiative.”

The Dahabshiil Group of Company last week donated a fully equipped Ambulance and $30,000 Dollars in cash to Burao General Hospital.

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