Somalia:Child rights Organizations demand justice for Afgoye rape victims


Organizations working on children and women’s rights in Somalia have applauded the swift action by the Federal Government of Somalia in investigating the recent incident involving the kidnap and rape of two toddlers in Afgoye, Somalia.

The organizations, members of DFID funded Social Norms and Participation (SNaP) program, a Consortium of  10 national and international organizations, said the government’s rapid action that led to the arrest of the alleged perpetrators will help in getting justice for the toddlers and ensuring that such hideous acts are stopped.

Zahra Dahir, the Consortium Director says

 “As we stand in solidarity with the children and their families, we urge the government to continue with their investigations and ensure the perpetrators are held accountable. No child should ever go through this again.”

“Following the closure of schools and learning centres due to COVID-19 outbreak, children have become more vulnerable.  we call upon community elders, religious and traditional leaders to stand together to ensure children are protected from such violence.”

The incident happened last week in the Afgoye town, where the children—aged three and four, were kidnapped from their home and raped.

Sexual violence against girls and women in Somalia is becoming extremely alarming in recent times. Similar cases are reported in different parts of the country; and many often go unreported. Laws needed to protect girls and women remain pending for many years now.

There is an urgent need for the Federal Government of Somalia and Federal Members States to speed up the approval and enactment laws to safeguard the Somali girls and women from rape and other violations.

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