Waddani Party condemns the extra-judicial actions committed against the Waddani by Somaliland Govt – Statement

Waddani party

Horndiplomat-Waddani Party condemns the extra-judicial actions committed against Waddani by the Somaliland Government.

The following statement was issued today by the Waddani Party

Statement on the Illegal Dictatorial Actions of the Somaliland Government against the WADDANI Party and Imprisonment of its Officials and Other citizens on the same Cause.

The WADDANI Party condemns the extra-judicial actions committed against the WADDANI by the Somaliland Government on the date of 17th November 2019, following a legal call of the Chairman, Abdirahman Mohamed Abdillahi for a rally at the Party Headquarters in Hargeisa. The Rally which is permitted under the law (lr.51 (10.2), was called for to inform the WADDANI supporters about contentious selection of the National Electoral Commission. Within a short time of the Call, in the same evening, the Government took the following drastic unlawful actions:

  1. Took into custody the Party Spokes Person (Bark had Jama Batun), who was taken to the Central Police Station, who was mistreated in hands of police force and suffered serious health problems fell into a coma in a dark dirty cell and was not allowed for medical attention.

  2. The Party Secretary General (Khadar Hussein Abdi), who went to the Central Police Station, to find out about the Party Spokesperson, but was also taken into custody.

  3. The Two-Party Officials were transferred within the same night of their custody to the Mandheera Prison about 94 km from Hargeisa on the way to Berbera4. The detention and transfer of the two WADDANIN Party Official to Mandheera Prison happened by the order of the president without following any legal procedures or due diligence observed, but used brute force, tantamount to illegal abduction.Furthermore, 5. The Government took over the WADDANI Party Headquarters with a fully equipped army contingent, with technical.

  4. Blocked all roads leading to WADDANI Party Headquarters with loads of rocks and with security forces.

  5. Fired a hail of bullets overhead Party Leadership in the morning when it tried to enter the Party Headquarters, but with no injuries.The WADDANI supporters, despite the hurdles and harassments subjected to them by the security forces, gathered in force at the party Headquarters. Similarly, the Party Leadership succeeded to enter their Headquarters in spite of the trial of the security occupying forces to prevent it, and addressed the rally.

The Party Leadership giving out its messages, to condemn the incarceration of the two-party officials and other citizens who are also in the person for same reasons of exercising their legal democratic rights, directed the gathered supporters to disperse peacefully and to observe the law and order of the city and the nation.

In the meantime, the WADDANI Chairman called for the Government to free the two WADDANI officials from the illegal detention and called for the continuation of the rallies of party supporters in all Somaliland Regional WADDANI Party Headquarters, until such time of their release.However, as was common in Somaliland in such crisis situation, dignitaries comprising of Ex-Vice Presidents and from the National Forum (Madasha, mostly SNM elders), and a gathering of Prominent business people and religious leaders, formed a national mediation committee to diffuse the crisis situation.

The Group met with WADDANI Party leadership and requested to suspend rallies, and promised to convince the President to release the people in custody.

WDDANI Leadership accepted to exempt the rallies from the Capital Region, and are awaiting result of the Mediation Committee from Presidents. The WADDANI Party is also giving opportunity to international partners for any efforts to support the resolution of crisis.

So far there is NO response from the President to diffuse the crisis. The Party officials are still in prison for the 7th day. They are not allowed visits form their relatives or the Party officials.

They are not allowed medical attention – the Spokesperson was transported over 90 km in a serious medical condition. The Police is still keeping illegally their private vehicles and telephones.

Therefore, The WADDANI Party reserves the right to continue rallies of their supporters and pursue other legal avenues to mobilize the Somaliland people against the dictatorial actions of President Musa Behi’s Kulmiye Party Regime but giving space to mediators.



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