Ethiopia Launches Electronic World Trade Platform

Ethiopia Launches Electronic World Trade Platform

By:Hassan Jama,HornDiplomat Contributor

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed presided over the signing of MOU’s between the Federal Ministry of Innovation and Technology and the e-Commerce giant Alibaba Group, establishing an eWTP Hub in Ethiopia (eWTP).

With the rapid development of digital technology in diverse fields globally, the launch of Electronic World Trade Platform – Ethiopia will support the development of the digital economy in Ethiopia and making it easier for Ethiopian and other African merchants to participate in global trade. eWTP Ethiopia will have advanced technology, infrastructure and services, as well as a customized regulatory framework intended to promote innovation in trade and the digital economy.Ethiopia Launches Electronic World Trade Platform

According  to Ethiopian PM Office,in his remarks during the launch of Electronic World Trade Platform, Ethiopia Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed stated, “Electronic trade platform is part of Ethiopia’s technological development. Technology affects lifestyles by assisting the shift from old to new. The world is in a fast paced change due to the fourth industrial revolution. Electronic trade platform is a step forward to making Ethiopia among the five economic giants of Africa within the coming decade. It also expands the horizon for small and medium enterprises.”

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