Somaliland President declares State of Emergency on Sanaag region

Somaliland President Muse Bihi Abdi
Somaliland President Muse Bihi Abdi
Horndiplomat-the president of Somaliland Muse Bihi Abdi declared State of Emergency on Sanaag region, issued Emergency Law and called a joint session of the Parliament to approve it.
The Emergency Law gives the president huge power and subjects the management and security of the area under the military.
The Somaliland Presidential spokesman said insecurity at the area necessitated the State of Emergency. This is the first time it is used at least in the last 15 years.
Meanwhile, Yesterday The two officers, one the commanding officer of Gara’adag’s Custodial Corps, and the other the Deputy Commander of the district’s police forces, were on their way to Hargeisa when they were caught up with by the assailants killing them on the spot.
The officers, the attackers accused, were responsible for the death of one of their own whom they sent to jail in Erigavo who died end of last week under dubious circumstances while in custody.
The president proposed that the three districts be governed under the emergency rule for the next three months.
The military, primarily, will be responsible for regional security and has been given executive orders to bring the area back to order.
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