We will not enter into any alliance against Qatar and Turkey: Somalia FM

Somalia’s Foreign Minister Ahmed Isse Awad yesterday stressed that his country will not enter into any alliance or bloc of any kind against Qatar and Turkey. Due to this, he said, a territorial group, comprising countries from the Red Sea, the Arabian Sea and the Gulf of Aqaba, is trying to exclude Somalia, confining it to the coastal countries of the Red Sea.
In a seminar held at the Diplomatic Institute at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs under the title ‘The Horn of Africa … Prospects for Political Cooperation and Economic Integration’, the minister invited Qatar to participate strongly in investment in various areas of maritime infrastructure and other areas, noting that Somalia has the largest beaches in the Horn of Africa after Madagascar, and has a vision to develop eight ports.
He underlined that Somalia has taken a neutral position in the Gulf crisis, saying that it is a sovereign decision and others must respect the independence of the Somali decision. Awad noted that the Gulf crisis affected Somalia because it decided to stay neutral in the dispute. Somalia is not like before and things have changed. It is keen on the independence of its decision.
He added that the Somali leadership seeks to achieve Africa comprehensive vision 2063, noting that Somalia and 44 African countries have launched a project to set up a joint African market, which will be a chance to end famine and create job opportunities for young people who make up a large proportion of the continent.
The minister said that the lack of advanced infrastructure in his country will delay the achievement of the desired development sought by the political leadership, indicating that this requires countries with potential, such as Qatar and others, to consider how they would contribute to the changes that the peoples of the region aspire to.
He said that Somalia looks forward a strong contribution by Qatar in support of various sectors and areas of development. On the other hand, the Somali FM said that Somalia has overcome differences with Kenya, and noted that the dispute over the maritime borders will be referred to the International Court of Justice.
He stressed that the government of Somalia seeks to create a healthy environment within the Somali society to renounce violence and prompt young people to contribute to building their country.
The seminar was opened by Director of the Diplomatic Institute Dr Abdulaziz bin Mohamed al-Horr who stressed the importance of Somalia and its role in the Horn of Africa.

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