Somaliland:The Extension-Based Democracy

citizens of Somaliland head to the polls to elect their local municipal council by dailysignal
citizens of Somaliland head to the polls to elect their local municipal council by dailysignal
Horndiplomat-Somaliland’s Local Councils were elected November 2012; in five years term which ended November 2017. On 6th March 2017, Guurti House extended their time to 28th April 2019. Presently; they are executing their day to day activity with no legal mandate. In Somaliland’s Democracy, sometimes institutions can stay the office; beyond their elected term.
President of Somaliland Muse Bihi Abdi, issued a presidential decree on 30/04/2019, declaring three months of state of emergency in three districts of Sanaag Region, including Erigavo the capital city of the region, Eil-afweyn, and Gar-adag. Article 2 of the presidential decree stated its security measures purpose; and called the national army to take over any measures to protect the security, and prevent anyone who is engaged or seems to be taking actions of insecurity. Article 3 of the Decree is about the administration and decision making during the state of emergency and also calling the national army to take over the administration and all decisions of protecting the security, and prevent dangers of insecurity. As stated article 92 of the Constitution, the President submitted his decree of emergence to two houses of the parliament to legalize or reject.
The Center of Policy Analysis (CPA) believe that this decision of emergency will directly affecting the upcoming Elections of (parliament (lower-house) and local councils, which is supposed to happen 12/12/2019, as well as the Voter Registration which are supposed to update it before the election date. CPA is welcoming any step of restoring security and stability in Sanaag and eastern regions, and bring in front of law those killed the innocent security officers, but highly concerned that this emergency decision is a setback to Somaliland’s democratization process since the national army has taken over all the administration and decisions affecting those areas.

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