Ethiopia keen to start a new chapter of relations with Eritrea


The Government of Ethiopia in its efforts to resolve the border problem with Eritrea in a peaceful manner has previously announced its keenness to implement the Algiers Agreement and the decisions of the Ethio-Eritrea Border Commission unconditionally.

Following this call, the Eritrean Leader President Isaias Afewerki in his remarks on Wednesday (June 20) said he would send a delegation to Addis Abeba to resolve the border problem and make future constructive engagements.

The Government of Ethiopia has welcomed the response of the Eritrean Government and would like to reaffirm its readiness for the upcoming talks with Eritrea. Ethiopia strongly believes this would further enhance the relationship between the two countries as well as contribute to the stability and development of the region as a whole.

We reiterate our continued commitment to the opening up of a new chapter of multifaceted relations that transcend beyond border issues.

Restating Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed’s response to his Eritrean counterpart that Eritrea’s response was a positive step, we again would like to affirm our country’s readiness to warmly welcome the Eritrean delegation.

Source:Ethiopian Foreign Ministry  

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