Ethiopia: PM Abiy Ahmed addresses parliament on current developments in the Country


Dr. Abiy addresses parliament on current developments in the Country

Horndiplomat-The Ethiopian Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed presented a holistic report on the second half of this year’s state of affairs in the country. In his report, Premier Abiy touched upon a range of issues that seek attention and timely amelioration. These include, the importance of enhancing the country’s export performance, improving the agricultural sector that has long been at the mercy of nature and characterized meager output; the need to reform the industry sector in a way that it improves the flow of foreign currency into the country; as well as the need to improve the continuity of the recent nationwide political reforms with regards to the widening of political space and other reconciliation processes with opposition groups in and out of the country; and on the overall improvement of freedom of expression and of the media.

The Prime Minister’s briefings also emphasized that practical efforts are being undertaken with the view to improving the justice system through continuous and study-based reforms; and underscored the need to address the public grievance in the delivery of basic services such as electricity, water and telecommunications and revolutionize their modicum of quality service delivery; the significant achievements Ethiopia has recently managed to score in the diplomatic front. The Primer further gave explanations on the government’s recent decision to partially or fully privatize some of the government-owned firms, and Ethiopia’s determination to end the stalemate with Eritrea.

After the report hearing, PM Dr. Abiy has been responding to questions raised by Members of Parliament on several issues of importance.

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