Somaliland President Musa Bihi Delivers First State of the Nation Address

President Musa Behi Delivers First State of the Nation Address

Hargeisa- It is an honour for me to address the people of  Somaliland at parliament buildings in Hargeisa with attendance by  joint members house.

This was stated by Somaliland president Musa Behi Abdi during his  state of the nation at a join a session of parliament on the 25th  March 2018.

Ladies and Gentlemen as you are aware my recently inaugurated  administration is only 100 days old, but in spite a lot has been  achieved in that timeframe.

Among accomplishments include signing of a tripartite agreement for  Berbera port, and more important securing our eastern borders thanks  to cooperation between the national defense forces and residents of  Sool region.

But today am not here to report on those 100 days but to deliver my  strategies as pertains to

  1. Security
  2. Foreign affairs
  3. Finance and economic development
  4. Social affairs
  5. Good governance
  6. Judiciary
  7. Drought and climate change
  8. Elections and
  9. Media

After detailing strategies put in place for the above president musa  behi conclude his first state of the nation address by saying Honourable members of the two chambers of parliament and citizens of Somaliland though my administration took over in the height of a  myriad difficulties especially as a result of prolonged drought thence  severe economic strains nationwide I am committed to ensuring fruition    of all stated strategies thence a fully contended nation To fulfill these I hereby request support from both chambers of  parliament, opposition political parties and citizens at large.


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