Somaliland:Ministry of Foreign Affairs Sacks Nine Diplomatic Representatives

Somaliland foreign Ministry

Hargeisa (The Horn)- The ministry of foreign affairs has terminated the job of nine diplomats.

According to letters yet to be made public but accessed by Geeska   Afrika and signed by The minister of foreign affairs Mr.Saad Ali  Shire,  nine friendly foreign countries are currently without

Somaliland diplomatic representation.

The letter dated 21st March 2018 and CCed President Musa Behi Abdi  states that those addressed have been relieved of their duties as  Somaliland diplomats.

The letter states “following internal ministerial studies as pertains  to new quest for recognition strategies, it has been decided that  those diplomatic representatives without official offices in their

country of services be removed from budget”

To these effect all addresses herein are asked to submit budgetary  needs and only in relation to activites geared towards quest for  recognition”

The addresses thence subsequently fired or put in a freeze are  Somaliland Representatives to

  1. Norway
  2. France
  3. Turkey
  4. Canada
  5. Ireland
  6. Saudi Arabia
  7. Oman and Kuwait
  8. South Sudan and
  9. Ambassador at large

Reading between lines of the letter it appears that either the new  foreign policy strategy does not view the above countries as vital, or  the representatives performance has been lackluster.


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