Somaliland Ambassador to Kenya attends Presentation of Marine Crimes in the Horn of Africa

Somaliland Representative to Kenya attends Presentation of Marine Crimes in the Horn of Africa
Horndiplomat-Ambassador Bashe Awil  Omar, Somaliland’s new Representative in Kenya and Head of the Somaliland Liaison Office in Kenya has embarked in Ernst in diplomatic activities, engaging with various actors including Kenya government officials and Somaliland’s International Partners based in Nairobi.
Today, at the invitation of the Ambassador of Denmark to Kenya, Somalia, Eritrea and Seychelles Mette Knudsen,  Amb. Bashe Omar attended the presentation of a report jointly compiled by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) and the University of Copenhagen’s Centre for Military Studies.
The report gave a detailed analysis of maritime crime trends in the Horn of Africa and evaluates past efforts aimed combating maritime crimes as well as recommendations on how to shape future engagements. Successes in suppressing Somali crimes were at the core of the report.
Attendees of this forum included the Danish Ambassador, representatives of the UNODC, Diplomats and Ms Nancy. W. Karigithu, Principal Secretary, Fisheries who represented the Government of Kenya.
Somaliland prides itself on a long and rich coastline of 850 miles along the red sea, which it has managed to keep largely peaceful and secure and devoid of piracy. Somaliland’s strategic location and proximity to the Bab el Mandeb makes it an important regional and global player in maritime security and the promotion of the Blue Economy. According Somaliland Representative to Kenya Ayanle Salad Dirie.

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