Somaliland:ONLF Commander Qalbi-dhagah arrives in Hargeisa

Former ONLF Commander Abdikarim Sheikh Muse (Qalbidhagax) arrives in Hargeisa and welcomed by officials and other political leaders
Horndiplomat-ONLF commander Abdikarim Sheikh Muse better known as Qalbi-dhagah has arrived in Hargeisa; capital of Republic of Somaliland on Tuesday morning, he was welcomed by some ONLF admirers in Somaliland, MPs, elders and other officials.HornDiplomat reports.
Although most of his speech was thankings, Qalbi-dhagah stated that ONLF leaders will visit Hargeisa, “The chairman of ONLF admiral Mohamed Omar Osman and the secretary of the movement Abdirahman Sheikh Mahdi Maaday are ready to visit Somaliland in the coming days” he noted.
In August, Faisal Ali Warabe, chairman of Somaliland’s UCID opposition party met with Qalbi-dhagah and invited him to tour Hargeisa.

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Qalbi-dhagah,is a senior officer of ONLF(Ogaden National Liberation Front) which is a separatist rebel group fighting for the right to self-determination for Somalis in the Somali Region of Ethiopia since its establishment in 1984. The commander’s name became more famous in the Horn of Africa in 2017 when the Federal Government of Somalia handed over him to Ethiopia where he has been in the wanted list of that country. Somalis around the world criticized his detention and it provoked national outrage across Somalia as many protestors demanded his release. The new reformist leader of Ethiopia Abiy Ahmed freed Qalbi-dhagah from the prison and removed terrorist label from ONLF.
Somaliland government added this group in the forbidden groups to have access in the country, but Qalbi-dhagah is visiting Hargeisa as ONLF is still in that list.

By: Khadar HaibeHorndiplomat Reporter based in Hargeisa

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