Eritrea rejects cutting ties with Qatar

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By Enes Kanli

African nation says it has strong ties ‘with brother Doha’

ASMARA, Eritrea-Eritrea on Friday declined a rewquest by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates to cut diplomatic ties with Qatar.

The African nation’s foreign ministry said in a written statement it “rejected” the demand to cut ties “with brother Doha”.

It ssid Eritrea had “strong ties with the brother people of Qatar,” and it was “impossible to cut ties”.

Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Yemen — abruptly cut diplomatic ties with Qatar earlier this week, accusing Doha of supporting terrorism.

Mauritania added its name to the list the following day, while Jordan downgraded its diplomatic relations with Doha.

Saudi Arabia also closed its land borders with Qatar, geographically isolating the tiny Gulf state.

Qatar strongly rejected accusations it supports terrorist groups and called for a diplomatic solution to growing tensions between Gulf states.


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