Ethiopia: Somaliland President Visits Lake Wonchi Eco Tourism Site

Somaliland President Visits Lake Wonchi Eco Tourism Site

The President of Somaliland, Muse Bihi Abdi, today paid a visit to the Lake Wonchi Eco-tourism site, situated in the Oromia region.

according to the Ethiopia state media Fanabc, Accompanying the Somaliland President on his excursion to Lake Wonchi was Ethiopia’s Minister of Defense, Abraham Belay, the Minister of National Security Advisor to the Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Redwan Hussien, the Coordinator of Oromia Cities Cluster, Mr. Mesfin Melaku, and various other distinguished guests.

During the visit, the National Security Advisor to the PM, Redwan, highlighted Ethiopia’s abundant natural resources, emphasizing the need for their comprehensive utilization to foster the growth of the tourism sector.

The government is actively prioritizing the tourism sector and endeavors to enhance the country’s image, asserted Redwan. He further articulated that comprehensive efforts are underway in the development and promotion of natural resources.

Redwan emphasized that the Memorandum of Understanding for Partnership and Cooperation, signed between Ethiopia and Somaliland on Monday, January 1st, will provide Ethiopia with access to the sea gate. He also elaborated that the cooperation between Ethiopia and Somaliland will be further reinforced in sectors such as tourism, culture, and various other areas.

Redwan also highlighted the ongoing efforts to augment cooperation and agreements with neighboring countries.


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