Somaliland Ministry of Water Implements 13 wells and 5 dams in October

Somaliland Ministry of Water Implements 13 wells and 5 dams in October

By: Staff writer

Somaliland’s Ministry of Water has issued a statement revealing that it has implemented 13 wells, boreholes, well fields, and 5 dams across Somaliland.

The Ministry statement says that the projects will be implemented by the ministry’s new plan to create safe and clean water “The Ministry of Water in Somaliland is committed to creating safe, sustainable national water resources so that citizens can have access to clean, sufficient, affordable water with high standards of sanitation and hygiene in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner.”

”Water is a basic right. It plays a crucial role in our lives. We are glad that the people of Somaliland now have access to clean and affordable water. The Ministry of Water Implemented 15 wells and 8 dams across Somaliland in October, the ministry inaugurated these projects in October, the Borama water expansion project costing 6 million dollars., and three dams were implemented east of Borame”ministry statement said

” We completed 7 wells in Kalawle, Gargaara, Geerisa, and Magaalo cad in the awdal region, 2 wells that are currently running in Laagta morohda, Ceel Gaal in Sahel region”

“The ministry also completed two dams in Wado Mikaahiil, Extensive repair Qool bulaale DAM Marodijeh region, a new dam in the Ijaara Gebiley region, a  laid the foundation stone for digging a water well  in Warcibraan Togdheer region, and the Drilling of five new wells to expand Berbera Water in G. Sahil and the rest of this year, other big projects will be finalized soon.”Ministry of Water statement

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