Savage Terrorist-Driven Attacks Target Nomadic Pastoralists in Buqdharkeyn Village , Somaliland’s Sool Region

Savage Terrorist-Driven Attacks Target Nomadic Pastoralists in Buqdharkeyn Village , Somaliland's Sool Region

By: Abdisalam Rageh

On November 10, 2023, allied tribal-terrorist forces affiliated with the so-called SSC-KHAATUMO clan entity launched a direct attack on the village of Buqdharkeyn in Sool region, Somaliland. The village is inhabited by nomadic pastoralists from the Habar Jeclo subtribe of the wider Isaaq tribe.

The attack comes amid heightened calls for aggression and intimidation from forces of chaos united in their sinister motives to alter tribal boundaries, pave the way for establishing safe havens for terrorists in the east of Sanaag region in the Galgala mountains and in the south in Buuhoodle District, destabilize Somaliland, force chaotic reign in the peaceful regions, and pursue other sinister motives.

The attackers engaged in heinous acts of violence, killing traditional elders, burning houses, and dismembering innocent nomadic people. The attack has left many people dead and injured, and has displaced hundreds of families.

This attack is part of a larger campaign of terror and intimidation that has been waged against nomadic pastoralist communities in Somaliland for several days. The perpetrators of these attacks are motivated by a number of factors, including:

  • A desire to seize control of land and resources that are traditionally controlled by nomadic pastoralists from Habar Jeclo livestock herders.
  • A political strategy to alter tribal boundaries and create a new political entity aimed at fulfilling the requirements of statehood in order to successfully become a member state of the Federal Republic of Somalia.
  • An agenda to establish safe havens for terrorist groups. This particular motive is carried out and tasked with Abdi Madobe, a known terrorist based in Buuhoodle.
  • A desire to destabilize Somaliland and force it back into the failed state of Somalia. This strategy is propelled by a secret group of politicians, religious clerics, and businessmen based in Kenya who are united under the Daaroodist movement of G-21, mainly hailing from the Daarood clan; a tribe traditionally known for expansionist and politically greedy flip-flops, as evidenced by the 1977 war with Ethiopia, the 2007 war in Mogadishu waged by Abdilahi Yusuf forces, and the recent fueling of conflict in Laascaanood, a once vibrant city that now finds itself under the clutches of clan warlords and terrorists.

The SSC-KHAATUMO clan entity, a proxy group for the Daarood clan, is collaborating with terrorist groups to achieve their shared agenda of tearing Somaliland apart. The Daarood clan is traditionally known for its expansionist and politically greedy tendencies, as evidenced by its past actions, such as the 1977 war with Ethiopia, the formation of the terrorist group Al-Shabaab’s parent entity Etihad, the current Ictisaam politico-religious movement, the 2007 war in Mogadishu, and the recent fueling of conflict in eastern Somaliland.

The SSC-KHAATUMO clan entity has been using the victim card to garner sympathy from the international community and to justify its violence against civilians, mainly from the Isaaq clan. The entity claims that the Habar Jeclo clan has stolen their land, claiming Sool and Buuhoodle all for themselves, but this is a false narrative. In reality, the SSC-KHAATUMO is the aggressor, and it is using terrorism to achieve its expansionist goals at the expense of common peace.

The attack on Buqdharkeyn is also notable for the involvement of known terrorists and extremists. The likes of Abdi Madobe, a terror fighter who has terrorist training camps in Buuhoodle, is reported to have been involved in the attack. Other militants who participated in the attack are said to have been trained in Eritrea and in the US-controlled Balidoogle camp in Somalia. The forces trained in Eritrea and Balidoogle were initially aimed at combating terrorists that have ravaged Somalia, but in contrast, they are currently aiding known terrorists in the name of kinship. The involvement of terrorist groups in this attack is a clear sign that the forces of chaos are determined to drag Somaliland into the same cycle of violence and instability that has plagued Somalia for decades. However, the people of Somaliland are determined to resist these forces and to defend their peace and security.


The attack on Buqdharkeyn is a stark reminder of the threats that Somaliland faces from forces of chaos and extremism. However, the people of Somaliland are determined to resist these forces and defend their peace and security.

The international community must also play a role in supporting Somaliland in exposing the sinister forces and defeating terrorism hiding under tribe cover.

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