Türkiye to introduce Israel to world as war criminal: Turkish President Erdogan

Türkiye to introduce Israel to world as war criminal: Turkish President Erdogan

Türkiye will introduce Israel to the world as a war criminal, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Saturday.

Speaking at “Great Palestine Meeting,” a pro-Palestine rally in Istanbul, Erdogan said: “Israel, we will also declare you as a war criminal to the world, we are preparing for it, and we will introduce Israel to the world as a war criminal.”

Erdogan stressed that the Western world mobilized its politicians, and media to legitimize the massacre of the innocent people in Gaza, adding: “Israel is committing war crimes.”

He said Israel is an “occupier,” adding: “West owes you, but Türkiye does not owe you.”

Those shedding crocodile tears for civilians killed in the Ukraine-Russia war are silently watching the deaths of thousands of innocent children in Gaza, said the Turkish president.

“I am asking West, do you want to create another Crusader War atmosphere?” he asked, adding: “The main culprit behind the massacre unfolding in Gaza is the West.”

“Of course, every country has the right to defend itself, but where is justice? There is no defense but an open, and vicious massacre going on in Gaza.”

Everyone knows that Israel is a pawn in the region that will be sacrificed when the time comes, he added.

“I said in Davos, you know how to kill. They know well how to kill.”

Erdogan said he saluted “the determination of the people of Gaza” to not abandon their homes, and city in the face of oppressor’s bombardments.

Israel has heavily bombarded Gaza since Oct. 7 when the Palestinian group Hamas carried out a cross-border attack, killing 1,400 people, and taking many hostages.

The Health Ministry in the Gaza Strip said the Israeli strikes had now killed at least 7,703 people, mainly civilians and many of them children.

Recalling the UN General Assembly votes in favor of a resolution calling for a ‘humanitarian truce’ in Gaza, Erdogan said: “Israel, you are doomed to be left alone.”

The UN General Assembly approved a resolution Friday that called for an immediate “durable and sustained humanitarian truce” in Gaza.

The resolution, which was presented by nearly 50 countries, including Türkiye, Palestine, Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), was approved in a 120-14 vote with 45 nations abstaining.

Adopted at the 10th Emergency Special Session meeting on the situation in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, the draft resolution expresses “grave concern” about the “latest escalation of violence.”

Türkiye does not condone attacks targeting civilians in Israel, said Erdogan, adding: “We are saddened for every civilian in any way, but Israel does not care.”

Just as Türkiye stood by the oppressed during difficult times, as it did during the Second World War and 500 years ago, it will also be the hope for these people, he added.

“I reiterate the call I made to the Israeli government in recent days. Heed our call to deliver aid to the oppressed and to open the doors of dialogue to establish peace. Come today and take a positive step, perhaps for the first time in your life, for your own and your children’s future.”

There are Palestinians who have been gradually displaced from their homes, and homelands, and their lives have been affected due to the attacks carried out by Israel since its establishment, he said.

“Certainly, in such a climate of fire and blood, there have been regrettable events. However, none of these can serve as an excuse for campaigns aimed at discrediting the resistance carried out by the Palestinian people under various names.”

“I said that Hamas is not a terrorist organization, and Israel was very disturbed by this. Well, we weren’t expecting anything else anyway,” the president said.

“The unlimited cruelty displayed today by those who have alarmed the world on account of the injustices they suffered until yesterday cannot be explained in any other way.”

“The real owners of the game being played in the region are those who support the Israeli government’s whims. Because Israel cannot take a step without them,” he said.

Israel is also behind the PKK, YPG terror groups, and FETO terror group, said Erdogan, adding: “They provide them with money and weapons.”

Due to restrictions on aid to Gaza, all humanitarian needs, including electricity, food, health, and hygiene supplies, cannot be met, Erdogan said.

“What has been happening since last night (Friday) is nothing short of a state of madness. Despite this grim situation, the dignified, determined, and faithful stance of the people of Gaza will be recorded in history as a glorious epic of resistance.”

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