Somalia President Welcomes Turkish Business Delegation and Ziraat Bank’s Investment

Turkish business delegation explores investment opportunities in Somalia, plans Ziraat Bank branch
Turkish business delegation explores investment opportunities in Somalia, plans Ziraat Bank branch

The President of the Federal Republic of Somalia, Mr. Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, warmly received a delegation of businessmen and officials from Ziraat Bank, a prominent Turkish financial institution. This visit marks the beginning of an important investment venture in Somalia’s economy.

The Turkish businessmen expressed their recent decision to establish a branch of Ziraat Bank in the bustling capital city of Mogadishu. This strategic initiative aims to facilitate trade activities and foster closer financial cooperation between Turkey and Somalia.

During the meeting, President Mohamud and the delegation engaged in discussions about the abundant investment opportunities available in Somalia. The President highlighted the government’s determined efforts to attract foreign investments and outlined the comprehensive plans in place to spur economic growth and development across the country.

The President emphasized the longstanding friendship and brotherhood between the Turkish government, its people, and the Somali business community. He conveyed his appreciation for Turkey’s continued support and commitment to Somalia’s progress.

The establishment of Ziraat Bank’s branch in Mogadishu holds significant potential for both nations. It will provide a vital financial link and facilitate transactions between Turkish and Somali businesses, fostering bilateral trade partnerships. Furthermore, it is expected to enhance the overall financial infrastructure of Somalia, promoting economic stability and empowering local entrepreneurs.

Turkish investments in Somalia have been increasing steadily in recent years, encompassing various sectors such as infrastructure, education, healthcare, and energy. This latest move by Ziraat Bank further solidifies the economic cooperation between the two nations, signifying the mutual trust and confidence in each other’s business environments.

As the meeting concluded, President Mohamud expressed his gratitude for the visit and reiterated Somalia’s commitment to creating a conducive investment climate that encourages international businesses to explore opportunities in the country. He extended his warm regards to the Turkish government, its people, and the Somali diaspora in Turkey, highlighting their vital role in fostering economic ties and contributing to the growth and prosperity of both nations.

With the establishment of Ziraat Bank’s branch in Mogadishu, Somalia takes another step towards economic revitalization, attracting foreign investments, and forging strong international partnerships. The cooperation between Turkey and Somalia sets a positive precedent for other nations seeking to engage with Somalia and harness its vast potential for economic progress.


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