Somaliland President appoints new Political Associations Vetting and Registration Committee

Somaliland president Muse bihi Abdi
Somaliland president Muse bihi Abdi


Somaliland president Musa Bihi Abdi has appointed the National Political Parties Registration Committee. A presidential decree released from the president’s office, which was sent to media houses, confirmed the appointment of the new office bearers.

The president stated that he had done a thorough background check of the new appointees and has faith they will deliver.

The new appointees are as follow:-

Mohamud Ahmed Obsiye: Member
Saeed Mohammed Elmi: Member
Muhiyadin Yusuf Ibrahim: Member
AdamGeedi Gayaad: Member
Abdale Mahammed Ibrahim: Member
Muktar Abdi Jama: Member
Mohammed Hassan Abdi Badde: Member

They would elect office bearers from amongst themselves.

The nomination comes at a time there is a dispute on the schedule of elections slated for the year.

Opposition parties, fearful of being edged out in a political associations direct election coming ahead of the expiry of their term in December and before the presidential election expected on 13 November, want the presidential election before that of the political associations is conducted.

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