Nimco Happy: ‘I’m carrying Somalia’s name on my shoulders’

Nimco Happy went viral for her song Isii Nafta
Nimco Happy went viral for her song Isii Nafta

By: BBC AFRICA, Horndiplomat

Somali artist Nimco Happy has been making waves on TikTok for her song “Isii Nafta” (give me life), with Cardi B dancing to the bop and Bella Hadid sharing it on Instagram – and now her song has been officially released on Spotify.

The song is sung in Somali, English, Arabic and Swahili, and footage of the musician’s performance first went viral on TikTok.

Her video was viewed millions of times and made its way to Instagram and Twitter.

Nimco’s song has been on people’s For You page on TikTok for weeks, now with remixes and collaborations. Her song was also danced to on the video-sharing social media platform by thousands of users and celebrities alike, most recently Cardi B and Bella Hadid, who reposted a video of Nimco performing.

watch below the BBC Africa interview with Nimco Happy

Nimco Happy, the Somali singer of the viral TikTok hit Isii Nafta (I love you more than my life), reacts to her newfound fame.


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