Taiwan supports Somaliland’s Iris Biometrics Voter Verification System

Taiwan supports Somaliland’s Iris Biometrics Voter Verification System
Taiwan supports Somaliland’s Iris Biometrics Voter Verification System


Ambassador Allen C. Lou of Taiwan Representative Office in the Republic of Somaliland witnessed the announcement of 2,500 sets of IBVVS valued at US$ 2 million with Mr. Abdirashid Mohamoud Ali, Chairman of National Electoral Commission, Republic of Somaliland on 28th May 2021.

The Republic of Somaliland is the first country to use Iris Recognition Technology in its 2017 presidential election. Today’s introduction of the IBVVS, compatible with Iris Recognition Technology, is a milestone in world election history. Taiwan shared the values of democracy, freedom and rule of law with Somaliland, is proud to cooperate with the Somaliland government, especially the National Electoral Commission, to advance transparency, accountability, fairness and trust of the Somaliland election.

The introduction of the pioneering IBVVS technology to register and identify voters which is a testament again to Somaliland’s commitment to its resources in democratic institutions and the rule of law. It is believed that Somaliland will be benefitted from the said mutual cooperation to win more international recognition.

Freedom and democracy are part of Taiwan’s DNA. They constitute the fundamental and common values that connect Taiwan to the international community. Taiwan, this towering beacon of democracy, will continue to shine the light of freedom and democracy across the globe. Taiwan will bolster cooperation with like-minded countries to jointly protect the ruled-based international order and safeguard peace, stability, and prosperity. Likewise, Somaliland is the beacon of democracy in Horn of Africa. Taiwan’s support of Somaliland’s capacity-building in election mechanism is to highlight “Democracy is our common language, and freedom is our common objective”. Somaliland has shown the way and we believe that the world will follow soon.

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