Op-Ed: A public Vaccination Protocol in Somaliland 

Austin Public Health is moving forward with larger-scale vaccination efforts. (Courtesy Texas Children’s Hospital)

By: Abdiqani Ainan

Perspective: As the country struggles and juggles to deal with mass aggression of high transmissibility of SARSCOV-2 through super spreading by community contact, it is yet to lay the strategic plan out with a weak informative operational approach. Back to the concept of public vaccination protocol – is termed as an action plan of health intervention for inoculating a majority number of the population according to the prioritizing age group or other considered factors in order to reach a public Health Outcome of phase transitions known as Herd Immunity. This implementing process needs a careful demographic, social, cultural perceptive analysis as well before being administrated widely regarding safety concerns.

From the standpoint of the country’s situation and how recklessly wasn’t prepared back in the last year when the first case detected and found rendered a compromised emergency system which wasn’t previously built as rigorously functional but existed partially based on local detective cases approach.

Physical Observation at Vaccination Centers:

In the mid of March, it arrived AstraZeneca Vaccine batches through the International delivery of COVAX with the WHO facilitation arm and the African Union pact for Continental vaccine rolling out. Logistically, this moved on the other side with no prerequisite plan of distributing vaccines safely and accessible to the targeted population group.

The bottlenecks encountered including:-

  • Lack of coordinated framework for the operational plan from national, sub-national and local centres,
  • Shortages of the skilled and trained medical team for administering jab shots and assisting folks in general.
  • Absence of public awareness on the importance of taking vaccination through any means of communication channels.
  • Failures to prioritize initially targeted population under vaccine protocol such as Health workers at the frontline, ageing population, those with underlying conditions. Despite this, young people under the age of 30 hoarded to take vaccine shots which caused a dearth of vaccine doses.
  • And when it comes to the sites didn’t follow precautions such as wearing masks, social distancing and order lines. Thus, in some cases, some vaccine receivers risked themselves when outraged for mismanagement and attempted to forcibly be stolen and injected shots into their bodies.


  • Figure: overcrowded folks at the testing site for COVID-19 in hargeisa hospital.
    Figure: overcrowded folks at the testing site for COVID-19 in hargeisa hospital.

This shows how misguided public Protocol to this very unprecedented health crises that experiencing globally its depressive both human & property irrevocable damages. Nevertheless, didn’t pay a close attention to the malpractice looked as to be shrugged off but medically sensitive to the technical safety.

On the other hand globally Studies by the Joint Commission, which provides accreditation and patient safety standards for health-care organizations “ have found that communication failures among health-care professionals are a leading root cause of unanticipated patient death and injury in health care. Fear of questioning superiors can result in failure to challenge incorrect clinical decisions or follow safety protocols.”This also implies how substantially to peer at a multi-faceted approach that can attain or accentuate strict ways in the health management.

Away Ahead (Recommendations)

As the hurdles still to be palpable in this demented situation with feeble capacity to handle it, it can seem to be tinkered & adjusted if it turns as the clock through a number of things but not limited to :-

  • Revising and introducing a pandemic policy in regard to emergency protocol, strategic and preparedness plan based on nationwide situational assessment.
  • Developing and creating disease surveillance and ecological detective system with collaborating with regional institutions such as Africa CDC.
  • Bringing back and resuming Public awareness in this particular situation of both vaccination and malady precautions.
  • Deploying and distributing vaccines according to firm structured logistical approach to all centers being planned before.

These steps could lay a different path out from a nasty time.


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Abdiqani Ainan: A public Health Researcher at Hargeisa Group Hospital and Founder of Ainan Health Initiative.


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