Somalia:Five children killed in motor shell attack as fighting escalates in Belet-Hawo

Five children from the same family were killed in the ongoing fighting between federal and Jubbaland forces in Belet-Hawo after a motor shell landed in their house, medical sources have said.
A doctor in the border told the media that they had collected bodies of the children who perished in the motor shell attack.
Belet-Hawo deputy police commissioner Mohamed Abdi Nur was also killed in the fighting according to Dr. Mohamed Gomey based in the town. In total, 11 people have been killed in the clash which began Sunday night.
Federal forces have reportedly regained control of the town after they received reinforcements from Dolow located in the west of Belet-Hawo.
Pictures and videos circulating on social media show images allegedly said to be Janan forces under captivity of federal forces.
The Federal Government earlier said the Jubbaland forces commanded by fugitive security minister Abdirashid Janan were mobilized and supported by the Kenyan government.
“A Kenyan backed group cross the border tonight and attacked Gedo region but Somali National Army repelled the foreign organised invasion,” Information Minister Osman Dube said in a statement.


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