Somaliland and Somalia agree to resume the stalled talks

Somaliland and Somalia agree to resume the stalled talks

By:Jama Farah, Horndiplomat Contributor

Horndiplomat-delegations from Somaliland and Somalia met in Djibouti on 18 October to discuss the Restarting of the stalled talks.

According to local newspaper Geeska Afrika, Somaliland officials led by Somaliland foreign minister Yasin Hagi Mohamoud flanked by Dr Edna Aden, Somaliland Charge de Affairs for talks met with Somalia officials led by MP Abdullahi Sh Ismail chairman of Somalia’s dialogue committee appointed by President Farmajo.

The Sources added there was no rock-solid outcome of the meeting, except that it was agreed that the two sides shall resume the stalled talks. No date was set for the resumption of the talks.

On September 2, 2019, the Somaliland government sets new conditions for Dialogue with Somalia. The press statement issued by the spokesperson of the president said, Somaliland is ready for continuing Somaliland and Somalia dialogue, which should be held in a neutral venue with a clear agenda touching future relations, and the international community should serve as mediators. Also, there should be guarantors to avoid any party to breach agreements.”

The talks which the Turkish government hosted collapsed on March 2015 and all attempts to revive the stalled negotiation have not been achieved.

The talks began in 2012 when the London Conference on Somalia, held at Lancaster House on February resulted in a communiqué. Pre-talks communique emphasised “the need for the international community to support any dialogue that Somaliland and Somalia’.
The Somaliland-Somalia hit a deadlock several times over technical issues. Both Somalia and Somaliland governments are keen to resume talks.

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