Somali police arrest Jubaland State minister in Mogadishu

By Mohammed Dhaysane
Mogadishu-Somali police and international police known as (Interpol) have arrested Jubaland security minister Mr. Abdirashid Hasan Nur a.k.a. Janan at Adan Adde international airport in the Somali capital Mogadishu,
On Saturday, for crimes he had committed in Southwestern province of Gedo, government officials said.
Former Jubaland State Security minister was arrested in Mogadishu by Somali police and Interpol for crimes he committed in the Southwestern province of Gedo on Saturday.
Mohamud Abdukadir Hilal, Somali Deputy Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources confirmed the arrest of Security minister for the Jubaland in a statement posted on Twitter.
“Police and Interpol have arrested Former Jubaland security minister in Mogadishu for crimes he committed in the Gedo region. No one can avoid and hide the Justice” Hilal said on Twitter.
Local media in Mogadishu reporting that he was arrested one of the Gedo districts before he was transported into Mogadishu.
“He is behind bars and authorities are questioning him right now” local media reported.
Apposition and Farmaajo critics condemned this move and said the arrest was politically motivated.

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