Ethiopia:Somali-Oromo Reconciliation Conference Kick Off In Jigjiga

Somali, Oromo Reconciliation Conference Kick Off In Jigjiga
By: Mohamed Duale
The 2nd Conference on Reconciliation and Strengthening Cooperation in Somali and the Oromo Regional States has kicked off in Jigjiga capital of Somali state of Ethiopia, Sunday.
The officials of the two regional states led by Somali state President Mr.Mustafe Muhummed Omar and Oromia regional Deputy Chief of Administrator Mr.Shinmelis Abdisa, Intellectuals of the two regions, Somali traditional leaders and Oromo Abba Geddaas are in attendance of the conference.

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Presidents Mustafe Muhumed and Shimelis Abdissa spoke of the deep and unbreakable thread that ties the Somali and the Oromo people. They spoke of the challenges ahead, of a common future, and a common destiny for the two people as part of a thriving Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa.
On May 1, 2019, The first phase of the Somali-Oromo People-To-People Conference held In Adama City hosted by Oromo regional state.
The main objective of the conference is to bring harmony between people of the two regional states as well as to improve and strengthen their role in maintaining peace, development, and nation-building.
Somali and Oromia are, respectively, the two largest regions in the country by area size, sharing a border of more than 1,400 km (870 miles).

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