The Multi Part System and Democratic Process (Elections) in Somalia 2021?

The Era Past of Somalia
the Somalia government we will need a transform and recovery based on the multi party system and democratic process or elections , last elections of Somalia time it during the president Abdirashid Ali Sharma’arke government which on the year 1967, that government was called the Soomaali republic democratic government. Thus, the Somalia elections of one man and one vote so far are not down after 1967’s. Therefore, at this time, how to be possible to at the back the elections for one man and one vote and its implement the democratic process in 2021,
Now in Somalia the Multi Party System and elections process for one man and one vote is very difficult because the all levels of governments is collapse, but it’s now recovery step by step that cause it the government exists now by leading the president Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed (Farmaajo) and his prime minister sir Hassan Ali Khaire it’s a good state leaders according to previous government, after destruction of Somali republic government or central government in 1990’s.
on the other hand the Somalia elections for one man and one vote to take easy but its surrounding of many challenge from many sides such as; All-Shabaab, Opposition Party and Aliens Governments, thus the main issue to effects for Somalia elections in 2021 is insecurity and the instability that reasoning the political crises of interior in Somalia country, and there is also to do not like it to stand her foot and not desired to return the political space, because they lose the resources of Somalia its getting stuck or looting for resources of Somalia for foreign Aliens governments.
The people of Somalia are good people and humanistic to involved the elections one man and one vote, for to enhance the democratic process and their building government of Somalia. But its surrounding challenges faced the people of Somalia about the many sides such as the instability side, terrorist side, and political crises side the last two decades. That is a problem has blocked the country’s development and lost patriotic people of Somalia.
In My Idea and Opinion for Somalia Elections for One Man and One Vote
if its preferred to be held elections of Somalia must be done clear plan to regardless on time and on one man one vote, we need more efforts based on hard working 24 hrs, until it is implemented the process of democratic elections.
The Somalia elections need that more and more resources to fulfillments in all levels of election process for one man and one vote and the commitment of international community. Somalia elections that need to two hands together people and all level of government and oppositions party.
Somalia elections that need to change the process of previous tools and techniques for to take the elections such as; the manually tools and techniques for previous elections for Somalia.
My suggestions for Somalia elections for one man and one vote are a very suitable at this time, because it my solution or recommended based on elections of Somalia.
  • To be a strong security and stability interior of Somalia to hold for take election in 2021.
  • To make the clear plan based on election process in Somalia 2021, between the international community and federal government of Somalia it including the complete constitutions, reconciliation Somali people, elections law, party’s law and so.
  • To make the Extra-ordinary election to catch on time the election of Somalia, which based on specific regions and districts of Somalia, that reason of extra-ordinary is instability and insecurity of Somalia it is still not good.
  •  To building the Somali national armed forces and to get enough encouragement and the equipment they need or military equipment to maintain security in the country of Somalia in generally, and especially for election issues and to improve peace process of Somalia.
  •  To must be done the software system especially online computer system for election of Somalia in 2021, because it’s just what can be done to safe and can be made all the way through the regions and districts of Somalia in 2021.
  •  To make the elections of Somalia is add to extra time to continuous and to building and strengtheners for Somalia national armed (SNA), is to capture for security and stability of Somalia peace process for elections in 2021.
To conclude it should all turn the interests of the country and the people of Somalia? I would like to give emphasis to the people of Somalia to safeguard country and their dignities, and I also want the leaders of the regional administrations of Somalia to stop problems they are always on federal government leaders, It is good to create quiet environment which appears in good working relationship Finally, I like it to propose individuals working with foreigners to ignore issues against their country.
W/Q: Mukhtaar Maxamed Muuse ( Dawlad)
Candidate for Master of PP&M

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