A New book on Somaliland-Somalia Talks Launched in Hargeisa

A New book on Somaliland-Somalia Talks Launched in Hargeisa

( Horn Diplomat News Desk ) Khadar Muhumad, the author of a new book on Somalia-Somaliland talks, launched it at Hargeysa Cultural Centre.Horndiplomat Reports

The book, Kalamaan ( Opposing Views ) discusses the genesis of the talks in London in 2012 and the diametrically opposing goals each party aims to attain in the talks. “Somaliland aims to secede from Somalia whereas Somalia aims for maintaining the union” said Khadar.

Boobe Yusuf Dualeh, a literary historian and an essayist, called for a new, research-based approach to the talks with Somalia. Professor Hussein Bulhan, President of Fanon University, who was a member of a delegation representing Somaliland in the talks had shared an anecdote.

“Abdulkarim Guled influenced Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, the former Somalia President, at the last minute to reject my proposal to include Djibouti as a mediator”.

Meanwhile, plans to resume the talks seem to have been shelved following a speech by President Muuse Bihi in which he laid out a major precondition for resuming talks. “Unless Somalia affirms the independence of Somaliland, we will not hold talks with Somalia,” President Bihi said in Burao.

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