Incision Somaliland is arranging First Somaliland Anesthesia Conference

Incision Somaliland is arranging First Somaliland Anesthesia Conference

Horndiplomat.Incision Somaliland is arranging First Somaliland Anesthesia Conference on the coming world anesthesia day 16th OCT 2018.Horndiplomat Reports


Incision Somaliland — The first surgical network in Somaliland, the 71th country representative and the 25th National Working Group of Incision – Global which is known as the largest student-run Global Surgery network with over 3000 members (medical and public health students, residents and young doctors). It’s a non-profit organization that connects wide range of health care workers (Medical and Public health students, Interns doctors, residents, local & foreign senior surgeons, anesthetists, obstetricians, and surgical department leads) in Somaliland. Incision Somaliland was born May 24th and had celebrated along the wider community of Incision Global by arranging Global Surgery Day – the first of its kind in the country and more than 125 health workers gathered to discuss Equity in Surgery and how it’s possible in Somaliland. Incision Somaliland is working on documenting the history, raising the challenges, and looking progress of our operating rooms. Moreover, building the National Health Policy towards Surgery is our main goal and working so closely with the Ministry of Health and health Institutions to make sure that the country is stepping forward towards timely access to safe and affordable surgical care for all the regions of the country.

Through Incision Somaliland, we have created Anesthesia Unit. We are currently preparing a big gathering for all anesthetists across the country on the coming World Anesthesia Day Oct 16th 2018. This event will be the first of its kind for uniting our anesthetists, and creating Somaliland Anesthesia Network.
I. Connect anesthesia providers of all Somaliland regions and establish Somaliland Anesthesia Network.
II. Build the National Health Policy towards the Anesthesia Units of all health care facilities.
III. Create platform that connects Somaliland Anesthesiologist to Global anesthesia associations, advocates, and researchers.
IV. Plan for how a safe anesthesia would be access to any one in anywhere in Somaliland.
V. Enhance the patient care through the use of WHO surgical safety checklist in all operating rooms of Somaliland.

Incision Somaliland Anesthesia Unit has prepared a survey for anesthesia providers in the country, it’s a baseline survey to identify the number of anesthetic and the quality of anesthesia in Somaliland, in other words measure the capacity. The areas we are focusing on this survey are include, the anesthetists, the availability of equipment’s and machines, and as well documentation of both the whole process of a patient under anesthesia. The survey was released 1ST September 2018 and will come back on 20th September 2018.
Incision Somaliland Anesthesia Unit has succeeded to reach 36 anesthetists so far and looking for to reach every anesthesia provider in the country. We have connected them together at Social Media Accounts, and currently everyone is busy on the participating the survey of measuring the capacity of the anesthesia in the country.
On September 5TH, we did call for Papers to all anesthetists available inside and outside the country, anyone interested in to come and participate can send their abstracts. By 1ST OCT will be the deadline of the abstracts.
Some of the interesting opening sessions will be about and discussed at the event are include:-
I. Revolution of Anesthesia in Somaliland
II. Progress and Challenges in the operating rooms
III. the First Batches of anesthesia providers in the country
IV. 10 years of WHO surgical safety checklist and how it has contributed a safe surgery happens in the world.
V. The Hope and Future of Somaliland Anesthesia.

If you are anesthetist or you want to participate the conference don’t hesitate to reach us through

Hassan Ali Daoud
Secretary – Incision Somaliland | +252 63 467 6788



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