Somaliland:At least 1 dead after heavy rain causes floods in Awbarkhadle district

Awbarkhadle district in eastern Hargeisa photo by google map

Horndiplomat-At least one person Death and twenty-one houses collapse on Tuesday as heavy rain hit on Awbarkhadle district in eastern Hargeisa.Horndiplomat

The residents confirmed Horndiplomat the Death of one person and collapsed of 21 houses in Awbarkhadle district.

Awbarkhadle situated at around 31 km northeast of the Hargeisa Capital of Somaliland.

Cyclone Sagar 

Last week More than 47 people were killed and dozens of others are still missing after a tropical cyclone and heavy rains hit in the  Somaliland Coastal area.

According to Somaliland Government Press Statement; more than 49 people died, 27 are missing, and other 70 are injured after heavy rains from cyclone hits in Somaliland, the rain and floods also displaced 669,000 people, while it killed 80% of the livestock and destroyed their homes.

This is a developing story, Please check back at the Horndiplomat for Updates.

By: Mohamed Duale Editor-in-Chief HornDiplomat  Tweets @MohamadDuale



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