Alternatives for boosting employment in Somaliland Youth

Yahye Mohamed Abdi (Xanas) Social Development Activist, Columnist and Freelancer journalist

In fact, boosting job opportunities in youth living in Somaliland is quite embarrassing because there are unlimited number of challenges and obstacles that my likely hinder this process of opportunity boosting. For example, there is no a national strategy for Somaliland youth employment, there is no awareness on vacancies required by various institution to apply, even if they were to apply they are not having the minimum requirement to fulfill unless they are among the few well educated, optimistic and committed to get a job.

Employment is the fundamental for youth in every country. Hence, the government could take a reliable measure to boos up the employment rate including producing a national youth employment strategy, application of policies regarding this task, provide good standard of education for youth to be capable and ensuring that the recruiting process of all institution both governmental or non-government is fair and Professional merit & skills are the tools to be selected and considered rather than their origin and clan-based thinking that make our institutional incapable. The government’s teenage trust, as a result youth have migrated to elsewhere to get jobs for survival. In working with government to firmly achieve these goals the youth opportunities are boosted will reduce the migration rate.


On the other hand,  other than working with government in achieving these certain goals. I personally believe there are quite other initiatives. For instance, establishing youth employment center and website that assists teenagers to enhance their capacity to be competitive for job search. The center will develop a practical lessons both (Hard skill and Soft skills) to enrich the inexperienced youth on how to develop good Cover letter, CV, assisting them how to get prepared a competitive seeking , how to excel interviews etc . Whereas the website will link this youth to the job market posting on every relevant vacancies across the country and using as resource center where they can refer after class room training in mentorship program. Likewise, the center as well seeks for potential partnership organizations, non-governmental organizations to allocate these trained youth to seek internship opportunities.


Furthermore, all youth are not eligible for white-collar jobs rather there are quite large number of youth who are coming from rural areas, others who have never got the chance to attend formal schools, talented ones at production and also mainly women who have never get educated. Since, I think establishing a vocational training for these young people including cladding, electricity, electronic fixture, building, cooking and other types of skills will make them competent and result get more jobs and boost their opportunities. The governmental owned vocational training center is ineffective. There are no any other operational vocational training centers except Kuwait funded school of technical and on-going new vocational training Mohamed Mooge technical school initiated by a Haldoor Community: mainly youth from diaspora as and community volunteers are building this technical school were 70% finished.


Moreover, without coordination of efforts and networking enhancing the youth opportunities will fail. Hence, making a thematic working groups based on Peer-to-Peer influence is also another initiative of guiding them to work for collective action-seek for opportunities. For instance, based on their educational background if they are graduates can have a training, apply a position, assist each other. This is not something unrealistic; I was the product of network from my likeminded peers from same university. And now I am the Executive Director of the largest Organization in Somaliland, all others are working in a descent work and we have worked together for networking and sharing resources, skills and information prior to the job vacancies available in somaliland job market. Whereas pessimistic other friends believe there are no jobs and there are no valid recruitment processes. But they are not having the right bath and secret of getting dream job.


Lastly, Investing in youth is also a great idea I see its worth to mention. Some of the young somali people are having creative minds that are ready to excel in business sector. Since, there are limited funds for youth who are aiming to start their own business. So, there are business opportunities in Somaliland, and then I think preparing these youth for small grant via competition will resolve unemployment because this process will boost job chances more often compared to methods. The businessmen, government, and International donors for example WP could invest youth to create opportunities for themselves and for others.


Yahye Mohamed Abdi (Xanas)

Social Development Activist, Columnist and Freelancer journalist


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  1. I am so glad to read such in-depth knowledge of somaliland politics but on the other hand the report has lack of entity’s, irrational and loss of its integrity. The society is divided by classes and division of tribal, clan and the basic right to manage themselves are gone.

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