Somaliland President Meets with Chairmen of the Houses of Parliament

Somaliland President H.E Muse Bihi Abdi Meets with Chairmen of the Houses of Parliament

HornDiplomat-The President of the Republic of Somaliland H.E. Muse Biihi Abdi has met with the chairmen of the two houses Parliament (Elders and Representatives); the chairman of the House of Elders Hon: Saleban Mohamoud Adan  Accompanied by his Deputy Chairman Hon:Saed Jama Ali and accompanied by his second deputy Chairman Ali Yusuf .

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This was the first the time the new president meets with the leaders of the Parliament since taking over the office nearly two weeks ago; Some of  the specifically the discussed issues were:

  1. The current security condition of the country and how the new administration will take on its task of strengthening the security.
  2. The Preparations and completion of the necessary Electoral Laws for the Parliamentary and Local Council Elections which are set to take place on the 13th of March 2019.

The President briefed the chairmen on a meeting he had with the National Electoral Commission (NEC) on the status and developments of the preparations for the upcoming elections which have undergone periodic delays; For example the Parliamentary Election had to happen in 2010 after the representative’s elected one term finished.

  1. The strengthening of the cooperation of the Executive and Law Making branches of the government in order to achieve effective and efficient governance.


By:Khadar Mariano Deputy In Chief Editor of Horndiplomat

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