Somaliland:Dahabshiil Group Builds a new ultra-modern Conference Hall for Hargeisa University


A foundation stone-laying ceremony of a new ultra-modern Conference Hall for Hargeisa University conference hall to be constructed on funds donated by Dahabshiil Group of companies was held on Saturday, the 28th of October, 2017.

Mr. Maulid Mohamed, the chief operating officer of SOMTEL, and Dr. Mohamoud Yusuf Muse, the chancellor of Hargeisa University jointly laid the foundation stone for the new conference hall.

Mr. Maulid Mohamed speaking briefly at the event said, “I am happy to announce that Dahabshiil Group will provide the funds for a new conference hall which will cost nearly $100,000 US dollars.  We have, in the past, funded numerous projects including boosting infrastructure and recreational facilities plus the long term loans we lend the university for building new classrooms whenever the need arises.”

Dr. Mohamuud Yusuf Muse, the chancellor of Hargeisa University said, “On behalf of the University, I would like thank Dahabshiil Group for its unrelenting support, since the inauguration of University back in year 2000. Dahabshiil Group through financial donations has helped in the construction of nearly 18 classrooms and several halls, gazebos, outdoor seating and service kiosks”.

“Apart from promoting developmental aspect, Dahabshiil Group provides both staff and students with much needed loans not to mention the monetary services which it provides to more than 9000 students and staff who who use dahabshil accounts for varying purposes”, the Rector added.

Mr. Mahdi Aw Omer, the chairman of Al Baraka Construction Company thanked the Hargeisa University board and Dahabshill for awarding his company the tender for the construction of the new conference Hall.

Dahabshill Group also funds many of the leading high learning institutions in the country as well as sponsoring many underprivileged students education which is part of fulfilling its cooperate responsibility.

On the Dahabshiil side, present at the ceremony were Mr. Hassan M Jama, Dahabshiil MT&E PR and a former high-ranking officer of the University who has played an instrumental role in transforming it into a truly academic institution in the early and mid-2000s, and Mr. Khadar Abdirahman, Somtel PR.

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