Somaliland Government Reshuffle

H.E Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud Silanyo The President of Somaliland

Horndiplomat-The President Somaliland Ahmed Mohamed mahamoud Silanyo President decrees to , appoints,Dismissed and Reshuffles in  Ministers , Regional Governors, Independent Organisation, National  Armies  and Presidential Spokesman According to a press statement released from the Presidential Place.Horndiplomat Reports

Carbinet Members

1:Mr.Farham Aden Haybe A date to be new Minister of Aviation and Air Transport

2:Mr.mer Shucayb Mohamed A date to be new Minister of Commerce  and investment

3:Mr.Mohamoud Sheikh Abdilahi Iggeh A date to be new Minister of post and Telecommunications

4:Mr.Yasin H.Mohamoud Hiir (Faraton) A Date to be New of Minister of Interior

5:Mr.Omar Sheikh Mohamed farah A Date to be new minister of Labour and Social services (transfer)

6:Mr.Yusuf Osman Garas A Date To be Deputy new Minister of Industry (transfer)

7:Mr.Ahmed Nour Aw Abdi Shair A Date To be deputy Education Minister

8:Mr.Ali Ahmed Mohamed (Dhagole) A Date to be deputy minister of Finance

9:Mr.Mohamed Mihile Boqore State minister of Foreign affairs and International Relations Ministry

10: Mr.Mohamoud Adem Jama (Galal) State minister of Health

11:Mr.Osman Hasan Aw Ali State Minister of Planning

12:Mr.Mohamed Ahmed Adem State Minister of Information

13:Mr.Gulleid Mohamed Shire A date to be deputy minister of Aviation and Air Transport

14:Mr.Yusuf Ahmed Farah (Af-Lahaar) A date to be deputy Justice Minister

15:Abdiwahid Abdiqadir Abdirahman State Minister of Agriculture Ministry


Director Genarals


1:Mr.Fuad Abdi Salan A Date to be new Director General Ministry of fisheries and coastal Development

2:Mr.Mohamed ahmed hassan (Jabarti) A Date to be new Director general of National Tender Board

3:Mr.Abdifatah Saed ahmed Gulleid A Date to be Director general of interior ministry – in charge of local governments

4:Mr.Abdi Ali Jama A Date to be Director general of Education ministry

5:Mr.Abdirahman Ahmed Ali (Shaqabe) A Date to be Director general of ministry of Industry

6:Mr.Hassan Nour Abokor (Hassan Jebiye) A Date to be director General of ministry in charge of security

The Independent Organisation

1:Mr.Abdisamad Omar Maal A date to be Solicitor General

2:Mr.Sharif Abokor H.Mohamed (Dhuhyare) A Date to be Chairman of National Tender Board

3:Mr.Sharmarke Muhumed Geulleh A Date to be the chairman Civil Service Commission

4:Mr.Ahmed Yusuf Dirir A Date to be new Manager of Berbera Port

5:Mr.Abdi Abdilahi Hasan Matan A Date to be Deputy Manager of berbera port

6:Mr.Abiib Ahmed Ali A date to Secretary General of National AIDS Commission-SOLNAC (SOLNAC)

Somaliland Armed Forces

1:Major General Nouh Ismail Tani A Date to be The Head Officer The Somaliland National Army(Military)

2:Brigadier General Abdi Hersi Duale A Date to be commander Coast Guards

3:Brigadier General Mohamed Osman Alin (Dayib) A Date to be Principal Immigration Officer
4:Brigadier General Saleban Barre Hassan A Date to be deputy army commander.

The Regional Governors

1:Mr.Mohamoud Ismail Elmi (Deeq) A Date To be The new  Governor of Marodijeh region in Somaliland

2:Mr.Mohamoud Ali Saleban Ramah A Date To be The new Governor of Sool region in Somaliland

3:Mr.Mustafe Abdi Isse (Shiine) A Date To be the new governor of Awdal Region In Somaliland

The President Advisors

1:Mr.Abdirahman Sheikh Elmi Fahiye (Shamah) A Date To be the President Advisor of Legislation (Former Presidential Spokesman)

2:Mr.Mohamed mohamoud Ali Jeniyare A Date to be The Advisor of Interior Ministry in East Regions Affairs In Somaliland (Former Governor of Marodijeh)

3:Mr.Adem Nugal H.Hasan A Date To be The President Advisor of Finance and Budget (Former Chairman of National Tender board)

The Somaliland Representatives

1:Mr.Ali Mohamed Waranade A Date to be the new Ambassador in Ethiopia (Former Minister of Interior)

2:Mr.Mohamed Ismail Hussein A Date to be Somaliland Ambassador in Australia

3:Mr.Adam Muse Jibril A Date to be Somaliland Ambassador in European Union

The Presidential Spokesman

Mr.Hussein Adem Iggeh Deyr A Date to be new Presidential Spokesman (Former Minister of Trade)

Dismissal Officials

1:Mr.Ali Mohamoud Ahmed (Ali Sandule) Former Minister of Labour and Social services

2:Dr.Mohamed Rashid Sh. Hassan Former State minister of Foreign Affairs and International Relations

3:Mr. Ismail Mohamed Osman (Shaqalle) Former Head officer of somaliland national army

4.Mr.Ali Omar Mohamed (Xoorxoor) Former Berbera Port Manager
5:Mr.Omar Abokor Jama Former Deputy Manager of Berbera Port

6:Mr.Mohamed Abdi Bulale Director General of National Tender board
7:Mr.Jama Mohamed Odowaa Former Director general of Ministry fisheries and coastal Development


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