Somaliland Government Banned Somalia’s Passport

Somaliland Government Banned The Somalia's Passport made in Somaliland

Horndiplomat-The Government of Somaliland Banned The Somalia’s Passport made in Somaliland for Entry or Exit in All Airports of Somaliland . Horndiplomat Reports

The Chief Principal Officer of Somaliland Immigration Department Col.Mohamed Osman Alin Flanked by The Director General of Somaliland Internal Ministry Mr.Abdifatah Saed Ahmed Told A News Conference In Hargeisa On Thursday That Somaliland’s Government Banned for the Somalia Passport.

” We Ordered Again From Today The Somalia’s passport made in Somaliland Are invalid, illegal hence banned in this country not be allowed entry or exit in all airports in Somaliland but the Somalia Passport made in Mogadishu or Garowe Same For The Other Foreign Passports”Said The Somaliland Immigration Officer.

On the Other Hand The immigration Boss Accompanied by the Press Conference Director General of Interior Ministry Abdulfatah Saed Also confirmed the Somalia’s Passport Made in Somaliland and they Got some of the Equipment To Reproduced for the Somali Passport in Hargeisa.

“We got some equipment used to make Somali passport and the police are on search of others in town,” said Abdulfatah.

Somaliland remains entirely unrecognized by the international community more than 25 years after it proclaimed independence from Somalia in 1991.


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