Ethiopia-Somali region president backs MoU with Somaliland

Ethiopia's Somali region president Mustafa Muhumed Omar
Ethiopia's Somali region president Mustafa Muhumed Omar

By: Staff writer

Ethiopia’s Somali region president Mustafa Muhumed Omar has backed the recent MoU between Ethiopia and Somaliland.

President Omar says Ethiopia relies on neighboring countries to export and import. He reportedly said that entering this kind of agreement and securing access to a port and naval base to defend its political and strategic interest on the Red Sea is beneficial to the country.

President Mustafa underscores the strategic importance of this MoU, stating, “With Ethiopia’s population surpassing 120 million, our import-export dynamics are intricately tied to the region’s ports. This agreement is pivotal, providing Ethiopia with a port to use and a naval base at the Red Sea, safeguarding national interests.”

The president added, “The Somali state is poised to be the first to reap the benefits of this MoU, facilitating mutual growth and prosperity.”. With an estimated 5.7 million inhabitants in the Somali Region by 2017, this agreement not only aligns with economic objectives but also promises regional stability and fortified ties between Ethiopia and Somaliland.”


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