Somaliland Bolsters Coast Defense Amid Escalating Security Tensions in Red Sea and Gulf of Aden 

Photo Credit: Somaliland Coast Guard
Photo Credit: Somaliland Coast Guard

By M.A. Egge

The Republic of Somaliland has expressed concern over acts of instability in the Red Sea along the Gulf of Aden trade route, which is a hub for international trade.

In the Gulf of Bab-el Mandab, there has been an increase in attacks on multinational ships as well as warships owned by foreign governments that keep vigil in the area or ply the route. This situation has seemingly been exacerbated by the ongoing conflict in Gaza in the Palestinian territories.

The government of Somaliland, one of the countries in the Gulf of Aden, has said that it is closely monitoring the insecurity situation in the waters of the Gulf, according to a press release issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

“The government of the Republic of Somaliland is paying particular attention to the insecurity in the southern arc of the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden, with attacks on commercial and warships, which could create a situation of maritime piracy. It is an impending threat that needs to be dealt with in a concerted manner”, said the press release issued by the head of the Information Office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Abdilahi Ahmed Aarshe.

The statement of the Somaliland Government added that “The Government of the Republic of Somaliland is concerned about the economic and social impact that may result from the illegal activity that has increased in the Red Sea, which may cause inflation in the cost of living, given the possible increase the rise in ship insurances cover”.

It continued further, “The Republic of Somaliland, which has a coastline of 850 km that the Somaliland Coast Guard protects, the Army has taken measures to prevent acts of piracy and smuggling from the coast of Somaliland.

“In the last two weeks, the Government of Somaliland has strengthened the monitoring and protection of Somaliland’s coasts and the general maritime security of the Region.

“The government of Somaliland is committed to strengthening the security and safety of its sea, the commercial area of its economic borders, while maintaining the principles of law by international regulations.

“The Government of the Republic of Somaliland is ready to cooperate with the neighboring States of the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden, to prevent insecurity and the creation of a maritime threat and piracy in the region”.

The Houthi group in Yemen, which controls part of that country, claimed responsibility for several attacks in the Gulf of Aden in recent weeks, claiming that they were targeting ships belonging to Israel.


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