TALOWADAAG Conference of the Habar Jeclo Clan Concludes in Buro’a City, Unveiling a Resolute Communique

TALOWADAAG Conference of the Habar Jeclo Clan Concludes in Buro'a City, Unveiling a Resolute Communique
TALOWADAAG Conference of the Habar Jeclo Clan Concludes in Buro'a City, Unveiling a Resolute Communique

By: Abdisalam Rageh

Buro’a, Somaliland – In a resounding display of unity and unwavering resolve, the Habar Jeclo clan concluded its four-day TALOWADAAG Conference in Buro’a city, issuing a powerful communiqué that reverberates across the Somali landscape. The communiqué, comprising eight articles, articulates the clan’s unwavering stance on issues of paramount importance, including Somaliland’s independence, inter-clan relations, and the ongoing wave of violence perpetrated against the Habar Jeclo.

Unwavering Support for Somaliland’s Nationhood

In a bold declaration of allegiance, the Habar Jeclo clan extends its unreserved support for the existence of Somaliland’s nation and its quest for independence. This unwavering commitment stemmed from the Habar Jeclo’s deep-rooted belief in the inherent right of self-determination and the pursuit of a sovereign state.

Preserving Unity and Defending Territories

The Conference unanimously agreed to prioritize the preservation of Habar Jeclo’s unity and the staunch defense of its territories. This resolution underscored the clan’s unwavering commitment to safeguarding its identity, heritage, and ancestral lands.

Condemning Dhulbahante Aggression

The Conference vehemently condemned the brutal attacks and grave violations committed by the Dhulbahante militia, militarily assisted by the Daarood tribes, against Habar Jeclo territories, particularly Buqdharkeyn and Qorilugud. These heinous acts have exposed the Dhulbahante’s deep-seated animosity and disregard for all norms.

The communiqué meticulously detailed the atrocities committed in Buqdharkeyn, including the brutal murder of the town’s mosque prayer caller, the cruel burning and destruction of civilian infrastructure, the maiming of children and elderly, and the deliberate burial of water catchments essential for the survival of all communities.

A New Paradigm for Peace Calls

The Conference acknowledged the unusual nature of peace calls coupled with ultimatums and warnings put forward by the Dhulbahante traditional leaders, marking a departure from traditional Somali peace negotiations. This shift highlights the escalating tensions and the urgent need for a truthful de-escalation.

Reaffirming Defensive Stance and Peaceful Coexistence

While reaffirming its unwavering commitment to defending its ancestral lands, the Habar Jeclo clan unequivocally disavowed any intentions of invading Dhulbahante or any other clan’s lands. This position underscored the clan’s adherence to mutual peaceful coexistence and respect for neighboring communities.

Strengthening Stability and National Unity

The TALOWADAAG Conference implored Somaliland people to redouble their efforts in strengthening stability and national unity. This call to action echoes the Habar Jeclo’s unwavering belief in the collective strength and resilience of the Somaliland nation.

Diplomatic Outreach and Legislative Action

The Conference announced the deployment of delegations from the Habar Jeclo clan to engage with all clans in Somaliland. This initiative underscored the clan’s commitment to fostering dialogue and understanding among all Somaliland communities.

Furthermore, the Conference urged legislative bodies to expedite the finalization of electoral bills, paving the way for the resolution of the current political stalemate. This call for action emphasizes the importance of democratic processes and the need for a peaceful and transparent electoral system.

A Clarion Call for Peace and Justice

The TALOWADAAG Conference’s communiqué serves as a clarion call for peace and justice, echoing the Habar Jeclo clan’s unwavering commitment to safeguarding its identity, defending its ancestral lands, and upholding the values of peaceful coexistence and mutual respect with neighboring communities.

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